Step By Step Guide Of What We Do

Step One - Contact Us


It all starts with a call or an email to our team. This can be found on the home page. We can arrange a date and time to visit to the property that you are in need of clearing.

Step Two - Visit


Once we arrive we would ask you to show us around the property and ask you exactly what is to go and what you may want to keep. Once we have seen everything we will give you a free, no obligation quote. We will offer you cash if their are saleable items in the property. 

Please note: Not all properties have these and we would give you a price on clearing the property.

Step Three - The Clearance


Once we have agreed a date to clear the property we can either pick the keys up from yourself or estate agents if that is more convenient to you. This will mean you do not need to be present whilst the property is being cleared. Alternatively you can let us in and we can call you once the job is done. You can then make sure it's to your satisfaction and lock up behind us.